I have to thank fellow blog When You Awake for turning me onto L.A./London-based chanteuse Pony Boy. Back in my adolescence, I read and thoroughly enjoyed S.E. Hilton’s classic youth novel The Outsiders as part of my school’s curriculum, and was immediately attracted this musical project, named for the narrator of that text. …Influenced by all the right names from Tom Waits and Howlin’ Wolf to Bobby Gentry and Wanda Jackson. “Saint and Liars,”  is a pleasant mix of slow-burning electric guitar, 1960s mellotron, and sultry vocals. The video, filmed at a Working Men’s Club in Glasgow, comes across as the Scottish corollary to the film Searching For the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. Either way, both the song and the video are excellent, and I’m very excited to hear more music from this project. Enjoy!